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How to win the time game!

Necessary Evil #67: ⌚️ Track your time!

Write it down on paper, use an app, however works for you but try to be as accurate as possible. ⁠

Some things to be aware of: ⁠

⏳ What time of the day are you most energized? ⁠

⏳ Least energized? ⁠

⏳ When it’s time to relax are you actually letting your brain and body chill? ⁠

⏳ Or are you still “on the clock” taking care of tasks maybe at a slower pace?⁠

And one more thing…

there’s no judgement!

If you’re seeing lots of time and energy leaks during your day, don’t beat yourself up about it!

What’s important is to be honest with ourselves, to focus on tracking so we can learn where we can improve. ✌️🌈