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Where does your time really go?

In order to move in activities or goals that bring us joy, we need take stock of how we are currently spending our time and energy to see where we are bleeding these valuable assets. ⁠

I don’t know about you, but when I am unclear and unfocused about my goals, I’m like a race horse without a track, just running around willy nilly burning energy with no direction! And I tend to putter, I’m a BIG putterer! It’s an excellent way of procrastinating which can look like, tidying up random shit in my home, rearranging items on my desk, getting in a scroll k-hole on instagram, staring at my inbox, the list goes on and on.⁠

And these are the kinds of things I bleed time doing during times I designate for writing, working or even relaxing. ⁠

Taking an honest look at how I’m actually spending my time helps me see that it is possible to make time for the tasks that are important to me even when I have a job and lots of other responsibilities.⁠

If you're a big putterer like me, book a call with me and let's talk about why your train hasn't left the procrastination station. HINT: the culprit is a 4 letter F word 😏